Monday, April 5, 2010

Still praying for Usher: My final thoughts on Eat, Pray, Love.

(sorry this post is late....crazy week last week! and I have a lot to say :)

When I was in college (wreck 'em!) I went through a then-called phase that I referred to as my "Usher stage." It was somewhere around sophmore year through junior year, right about the time the song "Yeah" made the big times. (I know what you're thinking....what does this have to do with our friend Liz Gilbert and her book? I'll get to that....stick with me, just let it burn....) Back to Usher. So I went through this phase where I loooooved Usher. If a magazine cover had a picture of him on it, I was already swiping my credit card to buy it before I had even processed the thought of whether I had the money in my skimpy college budget to buy it. It even seems a little labored to have to mention the fact that his album was constantly playing. ok, ok, to the point.... I could have sworn that he and I would be friends should he ever dain to look through my magazine or tv screen back at me. I did have the understanding though that we probably lead very different lifesyles and that there are probably a lot of choices he makes that I wouldn't agree with. And I would still be his friend should we ever have the opportunity. I remember thinking when I watched him accept a grammy and he thanked God first, I remember that a cultural gratitude or does he really love Jesus. I don't know the conditions of his heart, nor has he ever written a book laying out for the entire female population the conditions of his heart. I decided right there and then that I every time I saw him or thought about him I would pray for him. That he would LOVE Jesus. That Jesus would rescue him from the dominions of darkness like we all need him to and that that love and that rescue would be evident in all that he says and all that he does.

Last week on American Idol, Usher just happened to be the guest mentor on American Idol. On the results show he perfomed his new song (destined to be a hit). I prayed for him right before I realized that that "phase" in college, wasn't just a phase.

Ok, If you are still with me, by now you probably realize the parallel I am about to spell out for those of you who might skip right to the bottom to see why all of the above words actually matter. I feel the same way about my new friend Liz. Whereas I do not agree with a lot of her lifestyle and spiritual choices, should we ever meet, I know we would be friends. I started reading her next book "Committed" because I love her so much and wanted to follow her and continue our "friendship". I feel the same way about this book as I did the first, maybe even a little more exaggerated (I have already ranted back at her a few times in my head). But I will finish it because I like her and she is my friend. Most importantly, when I finished E,P,L moments before I watched Usher perform, I made a commitment to pray for her whenever I see her name or think about her.

So, that's how I feel. I could rant a little bit about the "bead" when she talks about heaven and hell being the same, and maybe a few other things that rubbed me the wrong way. BUT, instead, I will end on a positive note... one of my favorite quotes from the book....:

" 'But I don't know how much more socializing I can do, Felipe. I only have the one dress. People will start to notice I wear the same thing all the time.'

'You're young and beautiful, darling. You only need the one dress' "

-Liz and Felipe

What are your favorite quotes from the book?!!

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