Thursday, April 15, 2010

Room Service and Barn Raising, I mean why not Ann?

:) First off I would just like to say that I am pleased with your posting on facebook Johanna. I click on your link from there and then come here, and then take the time to post. So way to use your facebook effectively (for lazy people like me!)

Well I am about halfway through Traveling Mercies. Honestly, I mean, it's not my absolute favorite read. She is kind of everywhere, but as I was talking to Katie about earlier this week; I suppose the title prepares us for that by stating that it is a bunch of thoughts on faith complied into a book. So I can't fault her for that. I appreciate her honestly. I enjoy her descriptive words and analogies. ;) I am grateful to have my eyes opened to a new relationship that someone shares with Jesus. It is different than mine, different I feel from probably most of us, and yet very similar at the same time.

Although in many ways she is hard to relate to because of her background, or extreme liberalism, or profession ,etc. When it comes to the tiny details, when it comes to the every day, there are enough moments of brutal honesty that collide with my life that it's making it worth the read.

When she is talking on forgiveness, and the mom that she hates that does everything perfect, only realizing that she is projecting all of her own insecurities on this other mom. Realizing all this through looking down at a shoe. I Love it! That is how our God works! Through these silly, intricate, detailed, obvious, subtle, ridiculous, blatant, ouch that hurt, sweet honey kind of ways.

Two recently read quotes that I'm diggin':

"Grace is having the commitment to- or at least an acceptance of-being ineffective and foolish. That our bottled charm is the main roadblock to drinking that clear cool glass of love. Grace meet us where we are but does not leave us where it found us."

" By then I'd figured out the gift of failure, which is that it breaks through all that held breath and isometric tension about needing to look good: it's the gift of feeling floppier."

OH- and i'm ready to do some barn raising around some people... who's with me? :)

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