Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lily Pads

Unlike EPL, which I speedily read through and enjoyed, this book has taken more effort to dive into. I have just now finished reading the overture. It seems like some of you are having similar feelings about this book. That gives me some relief. I thought it was just me. :-)

Though the overture has been difficult to get through, I will say that the beginning paragraph of the book hooked me. Her allegory about faith being like lily pads deeply resonated with me. The last several months I have spent more time reflecting on my faith journey, and although my story is much different than the authors, I see how God uses different circumstances and experiences to project me along in my journey of faith. from one transformation to another. Like she says, " I can see how flimsy and indirect a path they made. Yet each step brought me closer to the verdant pad of faith on which I somehow stand today." My journey definitely feels indirect at times, but I am encouraged that its always had a purpose. There's a reason it's indirect. In Exodus 13:17-18 when the Israelites left Egypt God did not take them on the shortest route to get to their destination. It says God took them a longer way because He knew that if they faced war with the Philistines they would change their minds and return to Egypt. The longer way put them in some difficult places, but God protected and guided them. In the same way our lives may not feel like it's follow a direct route, but we can trust that we are held by a God who has our good in mind.

Anyone else feel like they're hopping on lily pads?

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  1. YES! I definitely have a "Lily Pad" life!!

    Thanks for posting Clare!