Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June Book.....get ready!!

Hi book friends :-),

You still there? Still reading and clubbing (book clubbing that is!)?

Well, I'm very excited to announce the June book. It's a little different format per se, but I think you can handle it!

Do you know about The Pioneer Woman? Well, you should. It's an amazing blog that Johanna introduced me to about this really fun woman, Ree Drummond. She is a city girl who fell in love with a cowboy. She is witty, has amazing tips for photography, homeschooling, home&garden, and A-MAZING easy to follow recipes. I laugh out loud all the time when I read the blog

So she's written a book called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It is an online book on her website. It's about her love story with her husband whom she affectionately calls Marlboro Man. It is fabulous. You will laugh, you will cry, it is a completely fun read and nothing less.

TO READ THE BOOK: click here ...It will take you to the page on her website where she has each chapter listed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the oldest date to start.

So in the words of Ree: "Grab a cup of coffee. Curl up with a blanket. Have a box of kleenex and a fan handy. " ENJOY!

By the way, I think they are making a movie about it.... :-)


  1. Alright. Just checking. I do NOT need to purchase anything, but simply read the chapters online? Fun!

  2. sorry! Just now seeing this...nope no purchase! F-R-E-E! Did you read? what did you think?