Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts and Yes, Feelings (so far...)

I am only through Chapter Three. And I have a few thoughts and yes, feelings. Because if you know me, when I think I feel, when I feel I think.

Let me start with the good things. Things I really like....

1. I love any book that begins the first chapter with a kiss, or an almost kiss in this case.

2. I love the way she "speaks" in a Gilmore-esque way: quick, witty, likeable. I think we would be friends and I like her.

3. She knows her audience: women. Think about it: food, religion, grabs us girls at the core.

Ok now the main thing that I was biting my lip about....

After reading Chapter 2 and 3, I feel sad. Sad that someone who is passionate about seeking the "truth" can be so close and yet not see it yet, both with the idea of marriage and her view of God. And she is not uninformed. It's almost like there is a flashing neon sign right in front of her and she is looking everywhere but at the sign.

Of course I will continue to read this book and I promise I will like a lot of it, but I do feel sad already. I want her to know and see and experience and yes feel the God that I feel in good times and bad. A God who IS "magnificent" BECAUSE there is only one way to Him: a relationship with his son Jesus.

We will see where she ends up. I'm interested to see and hear more about her journey and how she did become informed with what she does believe and know.

And yes, I would still be her friend.

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  1. This is exactly how I feel reading through this book. She is so close but yet so far. (I'm on chapter 11 or so) I'm interested to see her journey to see what she discovers. She is entertaining and engaging. (And quite a lot like Lorelai) But I'm sad that a relationship and Jesus is not what she will find at the end of it all.