Monday, March 29, 2010

New Book for April!

Hi all,

Alright so I am always nervous about these decisions. But I was thinking of the group reading an Ann Lamott book. I have heard good things. I am up for any of her books. I have chosen two specifically if anyone is interested:

Traveling Mercies

Grace Eventually

Any preferences? Do tell!

Sorry if those links do not work, I am still getting used to this mac thing!


  1. They both sound great! I know that doesn't help you, but seriously they both sound great!!!

  2. They both look great to me as well. I kind of lean towards Traveling Mercies since it is the first of 3 she wrote on faith.

    I am very interested to read some of her work. I have heard very different things about her from different people. Some people LOVE her and some people do NOT love her....I want to read her for myself to see how I feel!

    Now, I have to go finish Eat, Pray, Love before March is over.....:D