Thursday, February 10, 2011


Since we're on a roll with posting, I thought I might "enlighten" you all to my new latest craze.


As simple as it sounds, it has revolutionized my life.  Am I exaggerating?  NO.

For simply the cost of postage (at a media rate none the less), you can swap your old or unwanted books for new (or at least new to you) books!  Awesome, right?  Now I never have to worry about which book I want to purchase or if I'll really end up liking it.  I can just find it on swap and if I like it afterward, I can either keep it -- or simply swap it out again!

I feel like you people (although I don't know you) would really like this.  :)   If you end up joining - be sure to look me up = mmcbeath

Happy Swapping!

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