Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I am woefully behind in writing on this blog; so if you follow consistently I am sorry.  Today I have 3 books to talk about that are all part of The Hunger Games trilogy.  Oh my goodness- these books are really good.  I wasn't sure about them at first, the topic was a little outside of what I generally gravitate towards, but I was so surprised by how much I loved them.  This trilogy is technically considered young adult, but I disagree with that.  Just because the main character is around age 17 doesn't mean that it's meant for young adults.  I think that while young adults definitely will enjoy this book, it isn't just for the teenage sect.

The books take place in Panem, which is North America after it has been destroyed.  The Capitol of Panem is in charge in a dictator type role.  Every year they force children from each district to compete in the Hunger Games.  As you can probably deduce, the main character, Katniss Everdeen, has to compete.  The story of these 3 books is very well written- you find yourself conflicted and confused just like Katniss.  You find yourself furious and angry just like Gale, her best friend.  And you find yourself contemplative like Peeta Mellark.

Read these books- you will love them.


  1. I am so glad you posted about these. I have seen them and wondered if they are any good. I will add them to my list for sure!

  2. Oh yeah. They are so worth it. You'll love them.

  3. i second that!!! LOVED this series!!!!