Saturday, August 28, 2010


My dad recommended Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell to me a year or so ago.  I was familiar with Gladwell because my husband, Justin, had read another one of his books, Blink, for a class.  This is a great non-fiction book.  It's all about why people who are successful, are successful.  What makes someone find success over someone else.  What makes these people different.  Hence the title, Outliers.  It's really interesting, and a pretty easy read.  I admittedly haven't read it completely, but what I have read is great.  If you want an informative, non-fiction book, this is a great choice.  Enjoy!


  1. Hey Johanna - I follow your blog! I love to read alot!! I almosted joined the book club at the beginning, but at that time I didn't think I had time to read any extra books other than for school. But I follow it! Just wanted you to know.

    I've read Tipping Point by Gladwell for a class and it was pretty interesting. This one seems even more interesting!

  2. Lynn! I'm so glad you follow. You can definitely join if you want to! Just send me your email address!